Tim Horton’s Stock

Tim Horton’s is a coffee/doughnut shop much like Dunkin Doughnuts. It basically IS a Canadian Dunkin Doughnuts with a name of an old school hockey player. Although this place is a franchise AND is owned by Wendy’s, they quite possibly have the best cup of coffee in the world. I think they secretly put a little crystal meth in their creamer ;)

Regardless, there is going to be an initial IPO or Tim Horton’s. They are slated to have the inital share price be about $20 and it is supposed to sell this month. However I don’t know where/when to get the actual date. I would like to sell all of my current stock (which I took a huge hit on) and buy THI (Tim Horton’s). However I’m afraid of missing the opening because of the date not being known.

Blogs that I like!

In no particular order here is a list of blogs and what they are…

Shawn Hogan
This is a nutsy guy who I’m guessing mad quite a bit of cashola from making a program for some sort of ISP billing. His main site is DigitalPoint.com which is fun just by itself.

Summer Hogan (Shawn’s Sister)
I first found this blog from Shawn’s. She runs an online Lingerie shop. Don’t let there be any confusion, she is a highly cool chick but she caught my attention by being a hot chick who sells womens underwear. Yeah I know SAAAAAWEET!

This is an interesting guy who I think has made quite a deal of marketing dollars. I respect any independent internet entrepreneur. While most of posts are good the main reason that I read his blog is because I want to steal his secrets and make a whole bunch of money while doing very little.

….more to follow….

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