Bald Equals Successful

I’m a thief. I’ve been trying to steal the tactics of two highly succesful internet entreprenuers. In no particular order they are…


I’ve tried to take some of the same tactics they have. Up until recently I thought that it was because I was half-hearted in my efforts and just a general slacker when it came to promoting and building my sites. However I have come to a bigger and more self-evident conclusion. “Bald Nerds Make Money”. Here is my clinical evidence.

Aren’t you glad that I have saved you all the effort of trying hard and failing? All that you have to do is “Bic your Brain”.

If you really believe in me, I too will shave my head. However I won’t do it for less than 10 grand.

Only you can make me a success!

Cool Articles and Temporary Traffic

There are two sites out there that I would like to talk about. These sites are and These are 2 sites where one can post about articles. Basically you “Digg” or “Shout” for articles that users have linked to. You can post your own or just search through others posted. My TVoIP post got picked up by ShoutWire (after I put it there of course) and I got a good amount of traffic for a day or two. Over 2,000 visitors actually. You can view my “Shouted” articles here…

ShoutWire is less popular than Digg. I like ShoutWire because it is smaller and easier to get to the front page. Digg is much bigger but doesn’t show your site in a frame and doesn’t have pop-unders.

If you can write one good article a day and Shout/Digg it you pretty much guarantee yourself several thousands of visitors a day. The key here is “Good”. If you just post krap that nobody finds interesting, you’ll get nothing out of it.

If you have a good blog and write well and write often, this can be a pretty darn good revenue stream for you.

Sometimes Comercials are Desired

Sometimes when you know you want a product or service you don’t really care who has “Googled” their way to the top. Sometimes you want something more immediate. For example you may want to know who wants your business the most.

For this I recommend you think about just searching ads. You can do this with the following URL.


I could not find a similar search for Yahoo or MSN. It’s kind of silly that they don’t. It would be such an easy service with a superhigh pay out.

Google’s Public Service Unanouncement!

Below are 3 emails. The first is from me to Google. The other two are from people
from Google. You can skip them and know that Google recognized and fixed some sort
of “ad targetting” issue.

From: “Jason Geiger”
Subject: PSA and Preview Tool
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 12:47:26 -0000

Normally PSAs would not be worthy of writing to Google. However on mypersonal blog,, I am constantly getting PSAs. However,on the subpages ads show fine. Also the Google Cache of the page( normal ads also show.

On the main page the Adsense Preview tool says…We are unable to show ads on this page. Possible reasons include:
- No ads are currently available for the selected geographic region.
- Page has not been crawled. Please try again later.
- This page contains sensitive content. Google Adsense filters ads frompages containing sensitive news items or content.

I don’t feel that any of these reasons is the reason why. I understandthat AdSense
is a huge product, but if you can find a few moments to give me a little insight
into my problems I would greatly appreciate it.

Jason Geiger

This was the first follow up…

Hello Jason,

Thanks for your email regarding the public service ads appearing on yoursite.

I’m currently working as quickly as I can to investigate your concern andI’ll be sure to send you another email as soon as I have any more information. We appreciate your patience, and please let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with in the meantime.


Becky The Google AdSense Team

Then just last night I received the finally short response.

Hello Jason,

Thanks for your patience. Becky escalated your email to me. We’ve resolvedthe issue with Google ad targeting on . If this issue reoccurs, please let us know.

James The Google AdSense Team

I’m happy with the response. I didn’t really expect to receive one.


Go ahead and take a look at my comment writers links. There is a “rel=nofollow” attribute to them. How do I disable this? I keep up on my comments and would like to allow valid comments a link back to their valid site. I currently use Blogger and would like to enable this. It doesn’t seem to be built into my template. Is there anything that I can do about this? I really prefer “Natural” linking.

Official Google Public Service Spokesman

Google, or more appropriately Google AdSense, has elected me their official Public Service Spokesman. Well… maybe not exactly. What I am really talking about are the Google Ads at the top of Normally when a site has placed Google Ads (AdSense) and there are no ads available, then Public Service Ads are shown. However I used this nifty AdSense Preview Tool. It tells me that AdSense Ads can not be shown for some reason. The 3 reasons they give me are…

  • No ads are currently available for the selected geographic region.
  • Page has not been crawled. Please try again later.
  • This page contains sensitive content. Google AdSense filters ads from pages containing sensititve news items or content.

However if we go at look at the cached copy of the page that Google has. Cached the ads show up just fine. So if Google really had one of the 3 above problems then it should not be showing up in the cached copy either. I just wrote a letter to Google and hopefully will get an answer in the very near future.

Google Maps and X-Rays

So I have to go pick up shoulder X-Rays to take to an Orthopedic Specialist. This is a little odd to me. Why can’t X-Rays be stored electronically? Is the precision of picture quality just not there?

Regardless I had to pick them up at a local place called WindSong. I have the phone number (631-2500) in area code 716, but I don’t have the address. Let’s do a Google Maps search. “WindowSong 651-2500″. Oops… I had a typo… Google responds with “Did you mean: windsong 631-2500“. Yes Google I did. Clicking on the correct presents me with exactly what I was looking for. Thank you Google!

Did Google get faster?

I just realized that this site has been picked up and archived by Google already. I don’t know exactly when they picked up this site. I thought for sure it would be a good long while before Google picked me up. I am also in Google’s search index although it is for searches that most people probably wouldn’t search for.

Here’s some results from the 3 major search engines from a few minutes that I will share.

jaygeiger MSN: Not Found, Google: 11, Yahoo: 4

jay geiger MSN: 1, Google: 10, Yahoo: Not Found

geiger MSN: 67, Google: Not Found, Yahoo: Not Found

It is VERY interesting that MSN does not have this site for number 1 for “jaygeiger” (I’m really Jason Geiger by the way). It shows that the domain name might not have much to do with search engines. I am sure now that I mentioned the word “jaygeiger” (which will be a new word from now on) MSN will have me ranked number 1 very soon.

Blog Explosion

I just signed up with I would really like to get more visitors to this site and I am just trying it out. I hope that it is worthwhile. My first impression is that you visit other’s blogs through Blog Explosion’s website. For each one you visit you get points. You can then use these points to make your blog show up more often for others blogs.

I’m not sure if this concept will work but I’m willing to to try something new. I’ll post my conclusions here later.

My Online Help Desk

I’m still trying to enter a forum market that is overloaded. I bill my site ( as an online help desk. The technical help market is just so damn bloated. Should I give up on my site? I don’t think so. Technical talk is what I am all about. What I think I need is a second wind. I need to get psyched and start link building again.

Geiger, you don't know me! (Yet)

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