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Kinps iPhone Backup Battery

Kinps iPhone 5s Backup BatteryThe KINPS iPhone Backup Battery is pretty good for the money.…  It functions exactly as advertised.…  Unfortunately for this device, unlike those from UNU and Mophie is just that, only a “Backup Battery”.…  This is not a stylish case that will always keep on your phone.…  The KINPS backup battery is a basic, rough case that perilously attaches to your iPhone and iPhone 5s.

We might be coaxed into keeping it on our iPhone, the inner fashionista in me just can’t do it do the general look.…  Also the haphazard way the case barely holds the phone definitely will prevent you from keeping this in your pocket and will ABSOLUTELY make you think twice before taking this lumpy mess through airport security.

While we usually like our reviews to be more uplifting, know that if you only have $25 to spend and desperately need more juice in your phone this will get you through in the short term.…  However UNU and Mophie might be a better idea after this one prematurely breaks and you don’t have the phone charge to call their support line.

We are currently putting out calls to UNU and Mophie to show you what a good looking iPhone case with battery extender looks like.…  Hopefully we will hear from them soon and have a more indepth review for one of those two products up here for our faithful readers shortly.