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I'm a guy. I'm an awesome web developer, database administrator and project manager. I have used MySQL, Oracle and PHP in the past but actually prefer Microsoft products. (Please don't kill me LAMP lovers!) They just seem more simple. Also you get them for free if you just show up to the product launch!!! :) This is just a casual blog where I can put random stuff along with bugs that I had hard times resolving.

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How to get 15 – 30 new visitors in 2 minutes

Step 1: Submit article to

That’s it. Come up with something and simply “Digg It”. You are guarnteed new visitors. A new Digg get’s more attention than an old one as Digg vultures constantly scan them.

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If the quality of your page and subject matter is there, then everything else will fall into place. The only people that find me interesting are “Me” and my dear sweet mother.

Retrieve ASP.NET Page Name

In ASP.NET you can get the page name using the HttpRequest object. Look at the following 2 examples and you can easily convert it from C# to VB, PHP, PERL or whatever.

This will include the relative path to the form.

This only includes the name of the page or form.

This is helpful if you are using master pages with content pages as you may need to know what you page you are showing on the master page.

Link Width in FireFox @lt;a href width

How do you set the link width in FireFox? Adding a width attribute to an “a” tag does not work. All that you should have to do is add the width and “display: inline-block” to the “a” tag’s style attribute like so. (But this isn’t going to work)
<a href=”” style =”width: 200px; display:inline-block”>Google</a>

This does work for Internet Explorer (IE) and should work for FireFox but does not. What you have do to is add an undocumented attribute called “-moz-inline-block” in addition to the normal “inline-block”. Therefore you need this.
<a href=”” style =”width: 200px; display:inline-block; display:-moz-inline-block”>Google</a>

This is just one of many hang-ups that web developers need to face. Hopefully having 2 real viable choices (IE and FireFox) will force them to be closer to real standards.

Text Link Ads Sold to MediaWhiz

Text Link Ads has been sold to MediaWhiz. It will be interesting to see how this changes TLA.
TLA Acquired By MediaWhiz!

Hello Jason,

I am excited to announce that Text Link Ads Inc will be joining forces with MediaWhiz. This will bring some exciting changes to our platform. Here is how this will benefit you in the coming months...

Publishers: by leveraging MediaWhiz’s agency relationships and sales staff we will be able to sell more ad space on your website. We also will be adding the ability to monetize your website in new ways including: CPA offers and CPM display advertising.

Advertisers: TLA will be working with MediaWhiz to offer new ways to drive traffic and sales to your website including: email marketing, CPA offers, CPM display ads and more!

It is important to note that the people you will be dealing with tomorrow at TLA will be the same people you have always dealt with since our doors opened in 2003. Over the next few months we will be moving our office to New York City to join the MediaWhiz headquarters and look forward to meeting more of our clients and publishers in person! This is an exciting time for our team and our clients. We have found a great partner that will be able to help our publishers and advertisers earn more money. We are looking forward to delivering more great products and even better service in the coming months with this alliance!

Patrick Gavin
(877) 480-9755 x715

2838 Observatory Ave. | Cincinnati, OH 45208 | 877.480.9755 |

“The recommended security level for this zone is high” Error

Internet Explorer on Windows 2003 Service Pack 1 will not allow you to change the default security settings for the internet by default. This means that you can only download files from sites that are included in your “Trusted Sites” list. This is highly annoying in the least.

I’ve included a screen shot of the error in question.The recommended security level for this zone is high

1. In Control Panel, open Add or Remove Programs.

2. In the left-hand pane, press Add/Remove Windows Components.

3. Clear the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration box in the Components list.

4. Press Next.

5. Press Finish.

Grunter get’s the Boot!

After reading this article, people might need to relax more!

Man Escorted From Planet Fitness Gym For Grunting

Tony Aiello

(CBS) WAPPINGERS FALLS, N.Y. You can lift, strain, crunch and sweat all you want at the Planet Fitness in the Dutchess County village. But whatever you do, do not grunt.

Yep, "no grunting." It says so, in black and white, on a sign posted at the gym. One former member learned the new rule the hard way.

"This is really absurd, especially the part about the grunting," said Al Argibay, a corrections officer who learned first-hand "no grunting" means exactly that.

Argibay, a former competitive bodybuilder, joined the gym in September because it was affordable and convenient.

Planet Fitness is also somewhat picky, with a long list of dos-and-don'ts posted right inside the door.

"No grunting or screaming" is listed, along with "no bandanas or do-rags."

"We're creating an atmosphere that's not intimidating," said Carol Palazzolo, the gym manager, who yanked Argibay's membership on Monday.

Argibay said he was at a multi-press station, getting ready to squat about 500 pounds when the forbidden sin happened. "I let out a grunt, squatted down, back up, grunt again. That's it," explained Argibay. "Basically, grunt, grunt, basic breathing in heavy, and breathing out."

Grunting is commonplace at most gyms, but not Planet Fitness, which discourages so-called "musclehead behavior."

There's even a flashing light and siren on the wall, labeled a "lunk alarm," which sounds if someone grunts or drops weights on the floor.

Palazzolo admits she called the cops on Argibay. The Wappingers Falls police report said officers were asked to "escort a member out of the club for grunting while working out...which is not conforming with the rules of the establishment."

But Palazzolo said that's only part of the story.

"He did grunt, and when I told him he wasn't allowed to grunt, he got irate at me, he swore, and he yelled at me," Palazzolo said. "I asked him not to [grunt), he got irate and nasty, and I can't have him in my facility if he's gonna do those kind of things."

Argibay denied he yelled, cursed, or acted inappropriately. He demanded an apology from the gym and its manager.

"It's an attack on my character, and it's very embarrasing, and an insult," Argibay said. "At the end of the day, after serving your community as a corrections officer, the last thing I want is to be escorted out of the gym by the local authorities."

Palazzolo is standing her ground.

"I'm not out to hurt anybody," she said. "If he feels I hurt his feelings, I apologize for that, but I do not apologize for the way I handled the situation and I am not apologizing for our etiquette at Planet Fitness."

It's not personal, she said, it's policy. Grunters should go elsewhere.

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