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I'm a guy. I'm an awesome web developer, database administrator and project manager. I have used MySQL, Oracle and PHP in the past but actually prefer Microsoft products. (Please don't kill me LAMP lovers!) They just seem more simple. Also you get them for free if you just show up to the product launch!!! :) This is just a casual blog where I can put random stuff along with bugs that I had hard times resolving.

How to Background Check Online Dates for Free

Before I show you some tips and tricks to finding more information about somebody online, you are accepting by reading this article that you will only use these tricks for good ethical reasons.  Nobody should ever use these tricks to stalk, harass or invade people’s privacy.  These tips are also not foolproof but odds are more likely than not that they can work for you.

Whether it’s, eHarmony, okCupid, JDate, Christian Mingle, Plenty of Fish or any newer or older sites there comes a time when you want to know more about the “Real Person” behind their online profile.  With sites like okCupid or Match that allow you to put fake names, things get a little harder because you first have to find out their first name, however as long as you aren’t in a giant city all that you may need is…

  • First Name
  • Age
  • City

You then take this information and type the following into Google. intitle:jason intitle:"buffalo, NY" 35

Depending on how common the name is, you may or may not get a lot different names.  We don’t care about the actual pages on  We only care about the first/last name combination. 

At this point you have a few or several last names to work with.  You then will want to type each one into Facebook or into Google Images and see if a photo pops up of the same person in the profile.  Doing a Google Image Search for “Jason Geiger Buffalo, NY” pops up with my Google Plus Photo seen here.


You can now search Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and the internet in general looking for unlocked profiles.  My favorite is to see if a potential date has mutual Facebook or Google+ friends and check their references.


Searching with only a Photo

Now let’s say that all that the above method did not work.  Well there’s a small chance that if all you have is a photo of a person, Google can still help you out by doing an image search.  Here’s the steps.

  1. If you don’t have Google Chrome, get it.
  2. Launch Chrome and get the Image Search Plugin.
  3. Right click a photo from the person’s profile and click “Search Google with this image”.
    1. image

With any luck you will be able to find information about the person and their acquaintances (and public criminal record) with this method.

No value exists with that name

As we roll out Windows 7 at work we have an application that initializes new computers.  It is installed and runs every time at startup until it runs successfully.  Then it deletes itself from the registry at (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run).

It worked fine on our old Windows XP machines but failed but would never delete the key on our Windows 7 installs.  Every time I ran I would get an error stating “No value exists with that name”.  Searching the internet for that term came back with next to nothing.

I was racking my brain just assuming that it must be User Access Control (UAC) interfering with me.  While that might be the case for many programs, the real issue was that the program was running in x86 mode.

Platform Target

Change the “Platform target” to “Any CPU” and the key then deleted fine.

How To Typing

How To Typing

Ever since I launched Keyboard Bumps I have had a need to explain to some people how to type or how to type better.  So I have launched How to Typing!

How To Typing is a How-to site devoted to typing.  It has no ads and gives tips and overview on how to get better at typing.  How to Typing will go over beginner typing, advanced typing and even typing on tablets and smartphones.

Screen typing is going to be a huge part of the world going forward as people switch from expensive laptops and desktops to less expensive tablets.  Typing on virtual screens is the future.

Check out How to Typing and I bet you will get a typing tip that will let you focus more on typing with less mistakes.

Typing isn’t going away any time soon.  So catch up on typing lessons that you may have forgotten.

Random Typing Facts

  • While typing, your left hand  56% of all the work.
  • The longest words you can type with just one hand in the proper position are “stewardesses” and “reverberated”.  These are typed with the left hand and are both 12 characters.
  • The longest words you can type with the right hand are “lollipop” and “monopoly”.
  • Ironically the only 10 letter word you can type using the top row is the word “typewriter”.
  • The world’s fastest typer can type more than 200 words per minute.
  • “Touch Typing” is recommended for people with no hand problems.   For disabled people, other typing methods include “Hunt and Peck”, “Buffering” and “Thumbing”.

Windows 7 Slow After Restart


I have a Windows 7 computer that I’ve been using for a while.  It runs alright except after I restart, it is EXCRUCIATINGLY slow for 15 to 30 or more minutes.  Initially I blamed Windows Search.  Disabling that made a slight difference (or maybe the difference was just in my head).  …but still, older laptops would boot up in a minute and be good to go where my beefy desktop would need way too long to get up to speed.


After upgrading Office I had to do a dreaded restart.  I took this time to open resource manager and see what the the heck is going on.  I could hear my hard drive making a bunch of racket so I set my eyes on Disk Usage.  What I saw was the System process abusing my hard drive focusing mainly on “c:\system volume information”.  More than likely this had to do with “System Restore Points”.  Let’s disable this and see what happens.


Open Control Panel and click on “System”


Then click on “System Protection”

Select your system hard drive.  (Most likely ‘C’)


At this point you can either “Turn off system protection” or “Delete all restore points”.  I turned it off, deleted the restore points and then turned it back on and created a new restore point.  My computer went immediately from sluggish to speedy.  Hope this works for you as well.


How to Restore Master without Single User Mode

After doing a recent disaster recovery test, I decided to do things differently when restoring a SQL Server from scratch.  Hope this helps some of you out.

This still requires a restart btw, but may be quicker/easier depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

Simply restore the Master database to a new database with new MDF and LDF files.  You can then stop the SQL Server service, copy the original database files off for safe keeping and then replace the clean ones with the new ones.  Example….

Normally you restore Master.BAK a database called Master and to files named Master.MDF and Mastlog.LDF  Instead do the following.

  1. Instead restore to  a database named Master2 and files name Master2.MDF and Mastlog2.LDF.
  2. Turn off SQL Server
  3. Rename Master.MDF to Master0.MDF
  4. Rename Mastlog.MDF to Mastlog0.MDF
  5. Rename Master2.MDF to Master.MDF
  6. Rename Mastlog2.LDF to Mastlog.MDF
  7. Turn SQL Server back on.

This is a good way to restore the master database with the least amount of downtime.  Some people might want to do the following with the Master and MSDB database to hit the ground running with restoring all the other databases in case of recovering from a server loss or just testing your disaster recovery scenario.

IIS App Info

If you run any kind of websites on IIS you know how difficult it can be to keep track of what is running or even installed.  That’s why I made IIS App Info.

For just 99 cents (via PayPal) you can run IIS App Info on any modern IIS server and get a list of all applications setup.  You can do this for each App Pool, All App Pools or whichever ones you select.

This is a great tool for those that need to load balance, monitor developers or plan on migrating applications to another server.

Sure, you could code your own but even the best of us would take 1-3 hours to create.  This is only $0.99 and your time is worth a lot more than $1 per hour!

Buy now for less than $1
Buy Now

IIS App Info

KeyboardBumps Keyboard Enhancement

A couple of months back I was happily grinding away playing Star Wars the Old Republic and Star Craft 2 online.  I was happy getting owned (PWNEd for you fellow geeks) by younger kids.  I’ve been typing on a keyboard the “right” way since I took typing in high school back in the mid-nineties.  However, in the gaming world, your normal keyboard skills will only hurt you.   This is because for PC/Mac games you only use one hand for the keyboard and the other for the mouse.  Moving your right hand from keyboard to mouse and back only slows you down and lets younger generations get the drop on you.  (See: Normal vs Gamer Keyboard)

While I was happy being that “Special” kid that could never time the power right as I searched for the #8 or tried hitting “0” without looking I started wishing for home-key bumps on my numbers and shift keys.  (How many times have you hit Caps Lock thinking it was shift?  (or the Windows key thinking it was CTRL or ALT?)

As you know, nearly all keyboard come with tiny little bumps on the “F” and “J” keys.  This is so you can find your “Home Keys”.  For normal typing, your pointer fingers rest right over these keys.  People could really use those same bumps on their number keys.  No keyboard have this.  Even if keyboard came with bumps on their number, windows, alt or shift keys, my personal preference might be totally different.

After a bunch of prototyping, investing and re-prototyping I came up with KeyboardBumpsâ„¢


KeyboardBumpsâ„¢ are silicone stickers that you can stick to any keyboard button.  The effect is quite like braille except better!  Most competitors out there have crappy PVC stickers that not only look awful but are expensive, and barely have any feel to them.  KeyboardBumpsâ„¢ look great, have a raised word “BUMP” on them, feel awesome but don’t get in the way of normal typing and fit any normal or laptop sized keyboard.  I chose silicone because they are softer than plastic so you don’t get that “Heebie jeebie” sensation when you touch them.  They also will curve to your key if your keyboard has slightly rounded buttons on it.

I’ve been using them for over a week and have put them on every keyboard I use.  I even put them on my work keyboard as my home keys existing bumps wore down and I often found myself writing jibberish.

So for just a few bucks you can get a lot more out of your computer games and finally start “PWN”ing those younger brats in WoW, Start Wars, StarCraft, etc…

Limited supplies so order now before I start marketing them for real and have to re-fill my stock.

Invisible iPhone Keys

Many “Old School” people kick and scream when they go from a Blackberry or older phone w/Keyboard to the iPhone.  Quickly though they accept the lack of keyboard because they gain a world of touch.

I love America so much because people come up with great solutions to these kind of problems.  Enter Dennis from a new startup called “qwik-keys”.


Qwik-keyz are the bomb.  They let you type by “Feel”, giving you that tactile touch the iPhone lacks.  It’s a simple but never seen before screen protector with raised bumps that let you find your key by feel.


The secret — qwik-keyzâ„¢ delivers a precisely mapped "bump cluster" of raised touchpoints that covers all aspects of the keyboard. (First run available only for iPhone 3 & 4)

No need to apply extra pressure – qwik-keyzâ„¢ simply guides your touch on a smartphone screen to provide quick accurate typing through the ultra thin and durable film protecting "skin".

Quick-clean protection -  Along with the amazing patent pending design of the qwik-keyzâ„¢ keyboard, this product offers users a safe, removable screen protecting skin.  Rinse with water to clean and re-apply in seconds.

Added Bonus:
- Improved accuracy without applying extra pressure
- Covers all aspects of the keyboard
- Safe, removable screen protecting skin
- Static cling for zero adhesive residue
- Cool color alignment guides
- Speed development of muscle memory through tactile experience
- Developed with former Blackberry…® users in mind!

I’ve become a backer for qwik-keyz and so can you.  Just visit them over at Kickstarter and see the magic for yourself!

Kickstart qwik-keyz here!