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I'm a guy. I'm an awesome web developer, database administrator and project manager. I have used MySQL, Oracle and PHP in the past but actually prefer Microsoft products. (Please don't kill me LAMP lovers!) They just seem more simple. Also you get them for free if you just show up to the product launch!!! :) This is just a casual blog where I can put random stuff along with bugs that I had hard times resolving.

windows guy Learns Linux

The last time I really played around with Linux was back in college.  I wasn’t remotely dangerous with it.  Fast forward to present day where I have a new obsession with getting Request Tracker up and running.

The internet community believes that Request Tracker (or RT) is the hands down best issue tracking system for the money.  (It is free)  However RT runs only on Linux and Perl.  If it was Linux and PHP or Windows and Perl then I probably wouldn’t feel the need to learn Linux.  Unfortunately for me that is not the case and I am going to have to beat-up my brain cells and come to terms with figuring out how to get things done in Linux. 

There’s going to be back tracking, skipping around and general “whining”, but this is going to serve me well in learning the overall process.

Going forward, the only thing that might stay the same is my use of VirtualBox (running on Windows) to host things.   Virtual box is free software that lets you run virtual computers called Virtual Machines or VM’s on your computer.  It’s like having one or more computers running inside your computer.

I probably won’t get into describing how to create VM’s or download (or install) Linux from ISO’s.   This will be more about figuring out how to do “Setup” after Linux is installed.


Stolen Chase Card Drama

Stolen Chase Credit Card

Chase really needs to stop the advertising push and work on security and customer service.  Let me explain…

Last Wednesday I receive a 7:58 am text message from Chase asking me if I charge $1.00 to a “Specialty Retailer”.  I respond to it stating “No”.  They respond.  “We will call you ASAP”.  Chase’s “ASAP” is 1,445 minutes later (Over 24 hours).  I can’t pick up at the time but they are nice enough to automatically call  me back 55 minutes after that.  After me asking several times “If anybody is there” an automated message comes on the line and asks me to hold for an available person.  5 minutes later, they disconnect me stating “Nobody is available to talk”.  Odd… you called me Chase!  Why would you call somebody when you can’t talk?

They have never since used this number but have called my work phone numerous times during the weekend when nobody is in the building much less in my cubicle.

So today I call Chase back, they want to know your credit card number, mother’s maiden name, last 4 digits of my social security number and my date of birth.  I gave them everything but my DOB.  This seems sketchy.  I start telling the above drama to a women, Lindsey I think was the name, who is taken aback that I am not playing according to the script she is reading.

At this point, utter panic must have stricken Chase and some big executive hits the panic button disconnecting me.  Luckily another automated message comes on saying “If you were disconnected in error go F yourself call back.”  Oh thanks Chase.

Just called back.  Got a women named “Sugar”.  This should be just great…

Stolen Chase Credit Card Number

Shoemoney throwback

Just a fun note… over 8 years ago ShoeMoney had a contest to see if anybody could outrank a site for “ShoeMoney”.  I totally forgot that I came in 5th for MSN.  The blog page is still there

It wasn’t a big thing.  I won $65.  The methods I used probably don’t work that well any more but it was fun.

You can follow the contest here…

Remove URL from wordpress excerpt

If you have URLs showing up in your excerpt simply add the following somewhere in the top of your theme’s index.php file.

function RemoveURL($string)
  return preg_replace(‘/\b(https?|ftp|file):\/\/[-A-Z0-9+&@#\/%?=~_|$!:,.;]*[A-Z0-9+&@#\/%=~_|$]/i’, ”, $string);
add_filter(‘the_excerpt’, ‘RemoveURL’);

This will remove 99% of the URLs in your excerpts.

SQL Server extremely slow to restore

I recently had an issue where restoring a SQL Server database would take forever just to load the restore window.  Right clicking a database, going to Tasks –> Restore –> Database would take MINUTES just to load on a good day.

While I have upgraded and patched the server it has been running since 2008. (You have to love VM Ware allowing you to update hardware and not reinstall).

SQL Server logs all backups/restores to MSDB.  You can query all the information from the following system views.


In my case because we have been running so many databases for so long I had over 1,000,000 records in msdb.dbo.backupset.  Any time that I used SQL Management Studio to restore a database, or if you deleted a database and instructed it to delete the backup history too, it would take FOREVER.

I created a simple job that deletes backups history over 90 days.  Just change “90” to however many days you want to delete and BLAMO everything is good again.

SELECT @CutOff = DATEADD(day, -90, GETDATE())

Luxor Hotel Deals

Luxor Las Vegas
The Luxor in Las Vegas is a great mid-tier hotel in one of the most perfect locations.

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(exp. 6/8/14)

There’s a great pool, spa, salon etc…  Have poolside drinks next too a humongous pyramid or get a manicure and massage at a top rated salon.  There are enough ways to be pampered inside so you don’t have to wander out unless you choose to.

I consider gambling at Luxor to be mid-tier.  It’s not too expensive and not too low brow.  However Luxor is in the perfect spot if you want to go high or limit.  To one side of Luxor is Excalibur which is on the low end with plenty of $5 tables and penny slots while still managing to be nice.  To the other side of Luxor is Mandalay Bay which is very high end but still extremely friendly.

Between Luxor and Mandalay Bay is a great shopping center filled with specialty shops, restaurants and bars.  Perfect for splurging a little bit if you happen to win a little (or a lot) of money.  You never even have to go out in the blazing sun as this fun shopping corridor is all inside and climate controlled.

There are too many shows to list here in Luxor and the 2 connected hotels.  New York New York is very close as well and extremely walk-able in even the highest of high heels.  Everything else on the strip is a 5 minute cab ride.

You will love your stay!  One of the few places that you can overlook the entire casino from the hallway outside your room.  Great restaurants, shows, gambling and comforts await.

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Kinps iPhone Backup Battery

Kinps iPhone 5s Backup BatteryThe KINPS iPhone Backup Battery is pretty good for the money.…  It functions exactly as advertised.…  Unfortunately for this device, unlike those from UNU and Mophie is just that, only a “Backup Battery”.…  This is not a stylish case that will always keep on your phone.…  The KINPS backup battery is a basic, rough case that perilously attaches to your iPhone and iPhone 5s.

We might be coaxed into keeping it on our iPhone, the inner fashionista in me just can’t do it do the general look.…  Also the haphazard way the case barely holds the phone definitely will prevent you from keeping this in your pocket and will ABSOLUTELY make you think twice before taking this lumpy mess through airport security.

While we usually like our reviews to be more uplifting, know that if you only have $25 to spend and desperately need more juice in your phone this will get you through in the short term.…  However UNU and Mophie might be a better idea after this one prematurely breaks and you don’t have the phone charge to call their support line.

We are currently putting out calls to UNU and Mophie to show you what a good looking iPhone case with battery extender looks like.…  Hopefully we will hear from them soon and have a more indepth review for one of those two products up here for our faithful readers shortly.

Browser Link Error

Instead of you chasing ghosts down the road I thought I’d share this.

I recently installed Visual Studio 2013.

While debugging my very first app I got some weird errors in VS2013 that cause browser freezes and slowness in all browsers.  Firefox was nice enough to tell me that some script was causing an error and had something to do with "browserLink:37". 

browserLink Error


Long story short, in VS 2013 a thing called “Browser Link” is enabled. I believe this allows for more in depth debugging however it caused my forms to be behave very badly. You can disable this as shown in the screenshot below.

Browser Link Error

Fix iOS Weather in Notification Center

iOS 7 Weather I love iOS 7 but I’m left feeling like a dog who’s had his water dish moved.  While most of the changes are great and some will be great after I’ve gotten used to them, there is just one tiny little issue that is affecting me.


Normally my day starts with my iPhone alarm going off.  At that time I pick up the phone, turn off the alarm and swipe down to see how the weather is going to be that day.  To my surprise it was not there at all in iOS 7.

While not everybody is having the same problem of “No Weather”, everybody else seems ticked that it now shows less information than before.  No extended forecast, no happy smiling little sun.Dear Apple, please change this “WeatherGate” type scenario.

iOS 7 Weather Notification9:34am UPDATE: I just now had iOS 7 decide to put the simple weather blurb back into notification center.  I fixed it by doing the following…


iOS decided to do this all on its own.  I have one of the very first 4s iPhones so maybe mine is just hitting a wall and it’s time to upgrade.

While I hate advising people to just “Wait” and have the weather automatically return to the notification center, this may be the only way until Apple decides to put a weather widget back into the Notification Center.