This blog is all about me. You may call me Geiger.

I’m a full time “Corporate Systems Advisor”. What does that mean? That means I do .Net web development, SQL database design and administration and project management.

My life is very task oriented.

On the side I am an affiliate marketer. Recently (August of ’07) things started taking off for me. I plan on keeping my full-time job for a long while. At the same time, off hours actually, I plan on making a ton of money on affiliate ads/websites/etc…

If you’re interested in earning any where from $100/month up to $10,000 then take the first step and sign up using my referral ID below.

1. Sign Up Here - http://www.jaygeiger.com/offers/azoogle.php
2. Contact me with your information Here – http://www.jaygeiger.com/?page_id=374

I can help push you through the Azoogle process. After that I will help guide you through starting affiliate ads. Be ready to spend up to $100 per attempt and up to 10 attempts before you see profit. I suggest using a credit card but not going over what you can pay back.

The only thing I get out of it is 2% of whatever you make. This 2% comes off of Azoogle’s end, not yours. In the least you’ll at least know if you can become an affiliate marketer or not. It’s way better than second guessing yourself.

For the record: It took me about 2 years before I learned enough to start turning a profit. Hopefully with my help it will only take you 2 months.

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