Windows guy learns linux centos network issues

So it was mandated by the “Linux Dudes” at work that they don’t really want Ubuntu installed in production.  RedHat is what they use.  The free version of RedHat is called CentOS.  CentOS is what I will be using going forward.  I don’t know enough to debate the pros and cons of one version of Linux over another but I am sure going to miss the nice graphic interface of Ubuntu.  For reflection, this is the CentOS interface.

CentOS Terminal

The first thing to note for CentOS other than the lack of graphical interface is that you manually have to setup a network adapter in the setup or it the OS won’t have any way of accessing the network/internet.

It was a super easy fix once I knew what I had left out.  Here’s some quick screenshots of how simple it is to install a network adapter in CentOS.

CentOS 7 Language Selection

CentOS 7 Add Network Adapter

CentOS 7 Enable Ethernet

CentOS 7 Network Connected

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