windows guy initial take on ubuntu

Ubuntu was super easy to install.  It was all graphical.  It had very little options and networking worked right out of the box.  I was impressed that Firefox even worked because I installed Ubuntu in VirtualBox at work which is behind a proxy server.  The only problem was this…


No, I did not shrink the image.  That is the only screen resolution available to me.  I had to do some searching to find out how to change that.  Here are the 2 options of changing adding more resolutions to Ubuntu on VirtualBox. 

Note: To “Search” you simply press the “Windows” key on your keyboard then start typing.

Add More Resolutions to Ubuntu on VirtualBox

Search and run “xdiagnose”
- Extra Graphics Debug Messages
- Display boot messages
- Enable automatic crash bug reporting
- Restart

Search and run Software & Updates
Click “Additional Drivers” tab
Select “Using x86 virtualization solution…”
Apply Changes

I did “both” of the above options.  According the my searches either would have worked.  Regardless I now have more resolutions to play with.

It is worth noting that Linux guys and Windows guys have a point of contention with issues like this.  Windows guys want this “Basic” stuff just to work right out of the box.  Linux guys don’t seem to mind searching for the answers for a few minutes.  It’s interesting to note, that while this is a minor issue, it is very disheartening to Windows people.  This is probably because there’s so much “good stuff” to learn in Linux that they give up when walls are thrown up at them even before they get into the real guts.

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