windows guy Learns Linux

The last time I really played around with Linux was back in college.  I wasn’t remotely dangerous with it.  Fast forward to present day where I have a new obsession with getting Request Tracker up and running.

The internet community believes that Request Tracker (or RT) is the hands down best issue tracking system for the money.  (It is free)  However RT runs only on Linux and Perl.  If it was Linux and PHP or Windows and Perl then I probably wouldn’t feel the need to learn Linux.  Unfortunately for me that is not the case and I am going to have to beat-up my brain cells and come to terms with figuring out how to get things done in Linux. 

There’s going to be back tracking, skipping around and general “whining”, but this is going to serve me well in learning the overall process.

Going forward, the only thing that might stay the same is my use of VirtualBox (running on Windows) to host things.   Virtual box is free software that lets you run virtual computers called Virtual Machines or VM’s on your computer.  It’s like having one or more computers running inside your computer.

I probably won’t get into describing how to create VM’s or download (or install) Linux from ISO’s.   This will be more about figuring out how to do “Setup” after Linux is installed.


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