Stolen Chase Card Drama

Stolen Chase Credit Card

Chase really needs to stop the advertising push and work on security and customer service.  Let me explain…

Last Wednesday I receive a 7:58 am text message from Chase asking me if I charge $1.00 to a “Specialty Retailer”.  I respond to it stating “No”.  They respond.  “We will call you ASAP”.  Chase’s “ASAP” is 1,445 minutes later (Over 24 hours).  I can’t pick up at the time but they are nice enough to automatically call  me back 55 minutes after that.  After me asking several times “If anybody is there” an automated message comes on the line and asks me to hold for an available person.  5 minutes later, they disconnect me stating “Nobody is available to talk”.  Odd… you called me Chase!  Why would you call somebody when you can’t talk?

They have never since used this number but have called my work phone numerous times during the weekend when nobody is in the building much less in my cubicle.

So today I call Chase back, they want to know your credit card number, mother’s maiden name, last 4 digits of my social security number and my date of birth.  I gave them everything but my DOB.  This seems sketchy.  I start telling the above drama to a women, Lindsey I think was the name, who is taken aback that I am not playing according to the script she is reading.

At this point, utter panic must have stricken Chase and some big executive hits the panic button disconnecting me.  Luckily another automated message comes on saying “If you were disconnected in error go F yourself call back.”  Oh thanks Chase.

Just called back.  Got a women named “Sugar”.  This should be just great…

Stolen Chase Credit Card Number

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