Luxor Hotel Deals

Luxor Las Vegas
The Luxor in Las Vegas is a great mid-tier hotel in one of the most perfect locations.

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There’s a great pool, spa, salon etc…  Have poolside drinks next too a humongous pyramid or get a manicure and massage at a top rated salon.  There are enough ways to be pampered inside so you don’t have to wander out unless you choose to.

I consider gambling at Luxor to be mid-tier.  It’s not too expensive and not too low brow.  However Luxor is in the perfect spot if you want to go high or limit.  To one side of Luxor is Excalibur which is on the low end with plenty of $5 tables and penny slots while still managing to be nice.  To the other side of Luxor is Mandalay Bay which is very high end but still extremely friendly.

Between Luxor and Mandalay Bay is a great shopping center filled with specialty shops, restaurants and bars.  Perfect for splurging a little bit if you happen to win a little (or a lot) of money.  You never even have to go out in the blazing sun as this fun shopping corridor is all inside and climate controlled.

There are too many shows to list here in Luxor and the 2 connected hotels.  New York New York is very close as well and extremely walk-able in even the highest of high heels.  Everything else on the strip is a 5 minute cab ride.

You will love your stay!  One of the few places that you can overlook the entire casino from the hallway outside your room.  Great restaurants, shows, gambling and comforts await.

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