Fix iOS Weather in Notification Center

iOS 7 Weather I love iOS 7 but I’m left feeling like a dog who’s had his water dish moved.  While most of the changes are great and some will be great after I’ve gotten used to them, there is just one tiny little issue that is affecting me.


Normally my day starts with my iPhone alarm going off.  At that time I pick up the phone, turn off the alarm and swipe down to see how the weather is going to be that day.  To my surprise it was not there at all in iOS 7.

While not everybody is having the same problem of “No Weather”, everybody else seems ticked that it now shows less information than before.  No extended forecast, no happy smiling little sun.Dear Apple, please change this “WeatherGate” type scenario.

iOS 7 Weather Notification9:34am UPDATE: I just now had iOS 7 decide to put the simple weather blurb back into notification center.  I fixed it by doing the following…


iOS decided to do this all on its own.  I have one of the very first 4s iPhones so maybe mine is just hitting a wall and it’s time to upgrade.

While I hate advising people to just “Wait” and have the weather automatically return to the notification center, this may be the only way until Apple decides to put a weather widget back into the Notification Center.

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