How To Typing

How To Typing

Ever since I launched Keyboard Bumps I have had a need to explain to some people how to type or how to type better.  So I have launched How to Typing!

How To Typing is a How-to site devoted to typing.  It has no ads and gives tips and overview on how to get better at typing.  How to Typing will go over beginner typing, advanced typing and even typing on tablets and smartphones.

Screen typing is going to be a huge part of the world going forward as people switch from expensive laptops and desktops to less expensive tablets.  Typing on virtual screens is the future.

Check out How to Typing and I bet you will get a typing tip that will let you focus more on typing with less mistakes.

Typing isn’t going away any time soon.  So catch up on typing lessons that you may have forgotten.

Random Typing Facts

  • While typing, your left hand  56% of all the work.
  • The longest words you can type with just one hand in the proper position are “stewardesses” and “reverberated”.  These are typed with the left hand and are both 12 characters.
  • The longest words you can type with the right hand are “lollipop” and “monopoly”.
  • Ironically the only 10 letter word you can type using the top row is the word “typewriter”.
  • The world’s fastest typer can type more than 200 words per minute.
  • “Touch Typing” is recommended for people with no hand problems.   For disabled people, other typing methods include “Hunt and Peck”, “Buffering” and “Thumbing”.

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