Windows 7 Slow After Restart


I have a Windows 7 computer that I’ve been using for a while.  It runs alright except after I restart, it is EXCRUCIATINGLY slow for 15 to 30 or more minutes.  Initially I blamed Windows Search.  Disabling that made a slight difference (or maybe the difference was just in my head).  …but still, older laptops would boot up in a minute and be good to go where my beefy desktop would need way too long to get up to speed.


After upgrading Office I had to do a dreaded restart.  I took this time to open resource manager and see what the the heck is going on.  I could hear my hard drive making a bunch of racket so I set my eyes on Disk Usage.  What I saw was the System process abusing my hard drive focusing mainly on “c:\system volume information”.  More than likely this had to do with “System Restore Points”.  Let’s disable this and see what happens.


Open Control Panel and click on “System”


Then click on “System Protection”

Select your system hard drive.  (Most likely ‘C’)


At this point you can either “Turn off system protection” or “Delete all restore points”.  I turned it off, deleted the restore points and then turned it back on and created a new restore point.  My computer went immediately from sluggish to speedy.  Hope this works for you as well.


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