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A couple of months back I was happily grinding away playing Star Wars the Old Republic and Star Craft 2 online.  I was happy getting owned (PWNEd for you fellow geeks) by younger kids.  I’ve been typing on a keyboard the “right” way since I took typing in high school back in the mid-nineties.  However, in the gaming world, your normal keyboard skills will only hurt you.   This is because for PC/Mac games you only use one hand for the keyboard and the other for the mouse.  Moving your right hand from keyboard to mouse and back only slows you down and lets younger generations get the drop on you.  (See: Normal vs Gamer Keyboard)

While I was happy being that “Special” kid that could never time the power right as I searched for the #8 or tried hitting “0” without looking I started wishing for home-key bumps on my numbers and shift keys.  (How many times have you hit Caps Lock thinking it was shift?  (or the Windows key thinking it was CTRL or ALT?)

As you know, nearly all keyboard come with tiny little bumps on the “F” and “J” keys.  This is so you can find your “Home Keys”.  For normal typing, your pointer fingers rest right over these keys.  People could really use those same bumps on their number keys.  No keyboard have this.  Even if keyboard came with bumps on their number, windows, alt or shift keys, my personal preference might be totally different.

After a bunch of prototyping, investing and re-prototyping I came up with KeyboardBumpsâ„¢


KeyboardBumpsâ„¢ are silicone stickers that you can stick to any keyboard button.  The effect is quite like braille except better!  Most competitors out there have crappy PVC stickers that not only look awful but are expensive, and barely have any feel to them.  KeyboardBumpsâ„¢ look great, have a raised word “BUMP” on them, feel awesome but don’t get in the way of normal typing and fit any normal or laptop sized keyboard.  I chose silicone because they are softer than plastic so you don’t get that “Heebie jeebie” sensation when you touch them.  They also will curve to your key if your keyboard has slightly rounded buttons on it.

I’ve been using them for over a week and have put them on every keyboard I use.  I even put them on my work keyboard as my home keys existing bumps wore down and I often found myself writing jibberish.

So for just a few bucks you can get a lot more out of your computer games and finally start “PWN”ing those younger brats in WoW, Start Wars, StarCraft, etc…

Limited supplies so order now before I start marketing them for real and have to re-fill my stock.

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