Invisible iPhone Keys

Many “Old School” people kick and scream when they go from a Blackberry or older phone w/Keyboard to the iPhone.  Quickly though they accept the lack of keyboard because they gain a world of touch.

I love America so much because people come up with great solutions to these kind of problems.  Enter Dennis from a new startup called “qwik-keys”.


Qwik-keyz are the bomb.  They let you type by “Feel”, giving you that tactile touch the iPhone lacks.  It’s a simple but never seen before screen protector with raised bumps that let you find your key by feel.


The secret — qwik-keyzâ„¢ delivers a precisely mapped "bump cluster" of raised touchpoints that covers all aspects of the keyboard. (First run available only for iPhone 3 & 4)

No need to apply extra pressure – qwik-keyzâ„¢ simply guides your touch on a smartphone screen to provide quick accurate typing through the ultra thin and durable film protecting "skin".

Quick-clean protection -  Along with the amazing patent pending design of the qwik-keyzâ„¢ keyboard, this product offers users a safe, removable screen protecting skin.  Rinse with water to clean and re-apply in seconds.

Added Bonus:
- Improved accuracy without applying extra pressure
- Covers all aspects of the keyboard
- Safe, removable screen protecting skin
- Static cling for zero adhesive residue
- Cool color alignment guides
- Speed development of muscle memory through tactile experience
- Developed with former Blackberry…® users in mind!

I’ve become a backer for qwik-keyz and so can you.  Just visit them over at Kickstarter and see the magic for yourself!

Kickstart qwik-keyz here!

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