Walking Dead Helicopter

Walking Dead Helicopter

At the end of Season 2 of “The Walking Dead” some may have already forgotten about the helicopter.

One theory is that it’s “Merle”.  It could be, but in real life you need 2 working hands to fly a helicopter and we know that Merle only one remaining.

The helicopter “Is” and “Isn’t” going to be important. 


In season 3 you will see the helicopter again, but not until a couple episodes in.  After the group finally is settling into their new home and all seems that hopeful Rick will see the helicopter and go chase it.  That is when things go from dark to EPICLY black.

The helicopter is filled with some people trying to escape the city, but they will crash.  A new group will “find” the passengers.  Merle will most likely be in this new group as well.  …and lets say that Merle isn’t going to be too happy to see Rick.  Merle’s “one-hand situation” will play a big role in what happens to Rick here.

Season 3 is going to be a big change as the “Whiners” aren’t going to survive like they have been (as seen with Dale towards the end of Season 2).

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