How to Make Money with Flash Games

Most people don’t realize how many people play games on the computer.…  Most of the media focuses on iPhone and Android Apps making some think that Flash Games are no longer popular.…  This couldn’t be further from the truth.…  There are 100,000’s more Flash apps on the web than there are Android/Apple apps.…  A lot of these apps are made popular on Facebook but there are thousands of sites that publish games online such as Armor Games, Kongregate, etc..

Most people make money from Flash Games in 1 of 2 ways.…  “Advertising” on the webpage or by “selling in-game add-ins”.

Most Flash Game websites use Google Adsense.…  They surround the game with different ads as seen below and hope that you click on them.…  Often times, game websites put ads very close to the game hoping that you accidentally click on it while playing.…  That is because they only get paid when you click on the ad.…  However, the Game Maker Get’s None of this Money regardless of if the click was on purpose or accident!…  The website hosting the game makes the cash while the game maker makes nothing.

In Game Ads


Most of the most successful “Flash Gamers” make the most of their money by using “In Game Purchases/Add-Ons” however, this is very complex.…  Not only do you have to design your game around the idea of buying stuff, you have to manage sales and let people login in order to see it.…  It is incredibly difficult to manage this and this kind of monetization does not work with most games.

The easiest way to make money with Flash Games is “In Game Ads”.…  The most popular In Game Advertisers are not where you make the most money though.…  For example, MochiMedia (also known as MochiAds) won’t even tell you what percentage you make and there’s no way to tell if they are ripping you off.

The most trusted In Game Ads comes from…  1UpAds is great for a couple reasons.…  The biggest reason why 1UpAds dominates is because it is SIMPLE!…  Add just a little script to your game and BOOM, your game then has ads in it.

With 1UpAds, websites can still use AdSense and you game makers can still have “In Game Purchases” as well.

Even if somebody steals your game and puts it on their website without your permission, you can make even more money because of it.…  Unlike Adsense and other “Webpage Ads”, if somebody else hosts (or steals) your game, your ads will still be delivered meaning YOU get the money from the ads not the website showing the game, not them.

Most Flash Game programmers make Flash apps because it’s a labor of love.…  They don’t realize that there is a LOT of money to be made that they aren’t getting.…  Try out for a month and I guarantee you will be happy.…  DON’T LEAVE FREE MONEY ON THE TABLE!


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