Walking Dead Person with the Sword

Walking Dead Person with the Sword

For those reading up on their Walking Dead news, you’ve come to realize we are 100% correct so far.

1. The Group will be forced off the farm and take shelter in a prison.
2. Jenner’s Secret to Rick

The next tidbit isn’t really a secret.  The big question is about “Who is the person with the sword?”

The person with the sword is a woman named Michonne.  She uses a Katana for silent killing of zombies/walkers.  She also keeps 2 zombies with her (one is her ex-boyfriend).  She removed their arms and their jaw making it impossible for them to hurt her.  They stopped trying to attack her eventually and because she leads them around, the other walkers tend to leave her alone.

She’s a real badass but might be a little damaged.  You have to be a little mental to remove the jaw and arms of a boyfriend!  She’s tough but really only worried about 1 person.  Herself.

Season 3 should be epic and focus on new harsher realities of this world gone upside down!

Michonne Walking Dead

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