How Apple’s New iPad Touch Works

iPad Touch

Apple’s new iPad invitation boasts “See” and “Touch”.  While most people think the newest incarnation of the iPad was going to be just a better screen, there are some smarter individuals that picked up on the “Touch” portion of the invitation.

The newest iPad uses technology from Senseg  to make the screen feel smooth, rough, bumpy, etc…  It’s very cool how it does this.  Senseg’s patented technology uses the Coulomb effect to make things feel different.  Basically it does this with changing the “Charge” of very small sections of the screen to pull, or push your finger ever so gently.  Space these out in different distances and patterns and the perceived result is “Gritty”, “Ribbed”, “Edged”, etc…

This is a lot higher tech than the old Blackberry “Click Screen”.

It is very difficult to describe the effect as “Feeling is Believing”.  This new Touch-Tech will go ever so viral and many people will flood into the Apple stores to experience this.

It is quite eerie that the iPad made famous for being touched can now touch you back!

Is this iPad Touch the first step to Star Trek style “Holodecks”?  Sounds like it.


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