Anonymous Resumes

No matter how happy you are you want a better job, more money or both.  With Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn, SimplyHired, etc… it’s a real mess.

Sure, you could search the web, every job site and company site in the world but you’d never get the exposure you want.  Even worse… your current employer sees that you’re looking for work which could be AWFUL!

There’s a simple solution though.  Twitter!

Now how the hell can Twitter + You = A Better Job/Life?  It’s real easy, here’s my list of why’s then I’ll tell you how.

The Why!

1. Anonymous
  Anybody can set up a Twitter Account and be Anonymous.
  Your current employer will have no idea you’re looking.
2. Simple
  You have to get your skillset down to 140 characters.  This means NO BS!  Just the facts Maam!
3. Even Playing Field
  It’s not who you know, it’s what you know.  Other than that, all Tweeters are viewed as equal.
4. Instant World Exposure
  Putting your resume on a blog or other website is slow and takes Google a longtime to show in searches.
  Twitter is instant!
5. Free!
  It costs an employer $400+ to post 1 job on Monster.  Twitter is free for both you and them!
6. Easier than the job sites
  It can take 10-15 minutes to setup a resume on the big job sites.  Twitter can take as little as 1 minute.

The How!

1. Signup for Twitter at
2. Use your real name or make up one to hide it from your bosses.
3. Post a tweet that starts with this…
    “@TweetResumes #Resume Skill1 Skill2 Skill3…” where Skill1 is your first skill and so on.



Before you know it, you’ll twitter resume will be getting seen by hundreds that would never have known you existed previously.

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