How to Track Keywords Part 2

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To release the power of keywords you need to dive into your Analytics (web site stats).  This is why we are going to use the the Analytics integration from

This is a multistep process that most people don’t finish or they rush through and set it up wrong.  If you want to dominate, then you NEED to do it right.

Step 1
- Signup and setup Google Analytics (~10-30 minutes)

Step 2
- Signup for FreeSEOReport (~5 minutes) [detailed instructions]

Step 3
- Integrate FreeSEOReport and Google Analytics (~5 minutes) [detailed instructions]

Analytics Setup

After you set it up you should see a confirmation like this…
Keyword Profile


Here is a screenshot of just some of the goodies you’ll now be able to see.

Keyword Dashboard

This information is so much better than Google analytics because it is so straight forward and easy to read.  You can delve into Overview, Visitors, Traffic Sources, Content and Keywords.

As you can see, most people don’t stick around on JayGeiger because they only view about 1 page per visit.  If I was trying to really make money off of this you would want the site to be a lot “stickier”.

If you want to see track your keywords then…


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