FreeSEOReport and Google Analytics

The following is a post for setting up Free SEO Report and Google Analytics.  This is available at FreeSEOReport but you have to be logged in to see it.  I will be referring to this in a following post.

Step 1: Give Free SEO Report Access to your Google Analytics Data
Log in or setup your Google Analytics account and access the ‘User Manager’ section.Step 1.1 - Access your Google Analytics User Manager

Click the ‘+ Add User’ link.Step 1.2 - Click the Add User button

Enter ‘’ in the Email Address field, and select ‘View reports only’ in the Access Type select list. Then add your site to the ‘Selected Website Profiles’ list, and click the Save changes button.

Step 1.3 - Give access to your Google Analytics data

Step 2: Locate your Google Analytics Profile ID
Click the ‘Edit’ button on the Profile Settings page.Step 2.1 - Access your Google Analytics Profile Settings by clicking Edit on the Overview page

Copy the ‘Profile ID’ and paste it into the form at the top of the page.Step 2.2 - Copy the Google Analytics Profile ID and paste it in the form above


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