How to Track Keywords Part 1

(Be sure to check out the “How to Rank for Keywords” posts)

If you want to rank for keywords, you have to track your keywords and can’t do it yourself.

Reason: (Skip down if you already know)

You can’t do a Google Search for your own keywords.
Google customizes searches by person and location.  A search in one location will return different results than one 20 miles away.  Also, Google knows who you are for the most part.  Especially if you have a GMail account, Android Phone, etc…  So searching for your keywords yourself and writing them down in a spreadsheet is right out because they are biased for websites you’ve recently gone too.

10 years ago there were a lot of free tools out there that did an alright job.  Then Google and the other search engines started to lock people out because they didn’t want you to try to “Game the System” or figure out their algorithm.  What’s left out there for free tools is a huge disappointment of broken or spammy tools.  If you don’t believe me click on this link to do your own Google Search for “Keyword Tracker”.


I trust the Keyword Tracker from FreeSEOReport

1. Signup at (there are extra instructions HERE if you need them) 
2. Pay $1 to get access to the Keyword tracker. (This is an exceptional discount)

You do this by logging into your FreeSEOReport interface.
Click on Upgrade
Keyword Tracker Software 

Then click Subscribe.
Keyword Subscription

This will take you to PayPal where you pay your dollar and sign up for a monthly subscription.

Keyword Logger

It’s great that FreeSEOReport is so cheap and uses PayPal because you can trust them.  I usually don’t sign up for sites that require a credit card directly as I am afraid they will run off with my money.  PayPal is secure and weeds out all the bad businesses out there.

Payment is instant so you can go back to FreeSEOReport and click on “Keyword Tracker”.Track Keywords


Click on “+ Add new keyword” next.
Add New Keyword


Fill out the keyword and domain name and click Add.
Setup Keywords

Wait a few moments and then click on your keyword (it takes a minute or 2 to get the results depending on where you are in the rankings)

Keyword Rankings

The report should initially show you a graph with one point on it and a couple other things like PageRank.  Everyday FreeSEOReport will track your keywords AUTOMATICALLY!  You don’t need to run anything, worry about turning off your computer, being out of WiFi range or anything else, it’s all taken care of for you.Keyword Report

This will show you all your ups and downs in ranking.  To quote the late Billy Mays…

Toward the top of the screen there is a Change Button.  Click it!
Change Keywords


There are 8 more items you can track.

Track More Keywords


Click all the other items you want to track every day.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!  Unfortunately you are going to have to wait til part 2 to find out what you’re missing.

- Using Google Analytics and FreeSEOReport to dominate the keyword world!

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