Why China Will Fail!

China Fail

China will eventually fail.  It won’t be 50 years from now, it will be much sooner.  The reason behind it is simple.  People can only have one child.  What?  Wouldn’t this prevent overpopulation and lower need for resources?  On the short term yes.  On the long term there is a much LARGER problem that looms a couple generations in the future.

China's Elderly Population

The problem is that nobody takes care of China’s old people so the responsibility falls to their child (Not Children because they can only have 1).  When their child gets too old, the caring for them falls to their child’s child.  1 “Working Class” person might have to take care of their parents and both sets of grand parents (or even great grand parents).  This means 1 person would be taking care of 6+ other adults.  By 2050 about half of the population is over 50!  Does this sound like a powerhouse to you?

About this time I suspect China’s ultra-controlling ways will finally meet the breaking point and the few youth left will finally be able to overthrow what is left of the communist ways.

While it’s all milk and honey now for China, what brings them down will eventually be the very people that built them into a financial power house.

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