How to Rank for Keywords Part 7

Part 7 of our series on How to Rank for Keywords

In the past 6 parts of how to rank for keywords, we showed you how to use a FreeSEOReport to find out where you rank for keywords and how to change your pages to rank better.  The last part of the puzzle is how to get links to your site.

A link to your site with keywords is a vote from that site saying “This site is about [THIS]”.  There are a couple of things that people argue about when trying to rank for keywords.  These things include “How old is the website”, “How old are the links”, “Are the keywords in the domain name?”, etc…

The only things that people don’t argue about is “More links are better” and “Content is King”.

More links means you are getting more votes.  Not all votes are equal, a link from the NY Times is way better than a link from Joe Schmoe.

“Content is King” means that you need more and more content in order to rank well.  For many people this means more blog posts.  It could also mean more reviews, more products, bigger product descriptions, more photos/pictures (with alt tags), etc…

There are a ton of ways to get links, the easiest ways though are by using sites like.
- Reddit
- StumbleUpon
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Digg
- Delicious

You need to use other ways too.  These however are the easiest ways.  You want to sign up for an account for each.  Every time you post a new article (remember, content is king!) you go to each of these websites and link to your page (more links are better) with a description of your article.

A lot of people out there will stop posting after a few weeks and won’t make it part of their process to get external links to each article.  This is why people fail.  They put in a whole bunch of initial work, get distracted by something new or get bored and leave something to wither and die.  You have to constantly be adding content if you want the search engines to like you more.  You also can’t really “Fake” a good user experience.  It is so difficult to fake that a user had a good experience that you might as well just give the visitor a good experience.

Up Next:
- Getting Bigger Badder Links

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