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Geiger Counter : A device for measuring levels of radiation.


With the recent big radiation scare in Japan it pays to be prepared.  For that reason I am showcasing 2 devices that make you aware of high levels of radiation.  Devices that measure radiation are called Geiger Counters.

The first and more expensive of the 2 Geiger Counters is for professional measurement of radiation.  This one costs nearly $400 and is a little more complex to use but HIGHLY accurate.  Also this one can take 6 to 9 months to arrive as they seem be very back ordered.

The second Geiger Counter is more practical and useful to carry around everywhere.  This Geiger counter is called NukAlert.  The NukAlert can even attach your car keys.  Odds are, if the NukAlert Geiger Counter alerts you of high radiation you will need your car keys to get to a safe place.  This is about half the price and a lot more practical for every day radiation awareness.

Chances are that you will never need either of these Geiger Counters, but if you are extra cautious, we have done the research for you.

Expert Detection

Every Day Use

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