How to Rank for Keywords Part 5

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In Parts 1 through 4 we showed you how to get your keyword status report from FreeSEOReport.…  From that you can start looking into where you currently rank and also how to make sure your web pages are valid and why each page needs a unique Title Tag.…  We also showed you how we use it to rank in the top 10 for Geiger.

The next thing we need to talk about are “alt tags” and “keyword density”.

An alt tag can be thought of as a title or short description for an image.…  Here is a small example…


That is a picture of me with the alt tag “Geiger”.…  The alt tag is only shown to the user if the image was not available.…  To the normal user this has no effect whatsoever.…  Alt tags to affect Search Engines such as Google though.…  Alt tags are good because the count as keywords but don’t get in the way of the user’s experience.…  It is necessary to use keywords to get ranked for them. (There are exceptions, but for now we will ignore them).…  A website about ponies should have “pony”, “ponies” and other pony related words mentioned through out them.…  Alt tags are meant to explain what is in a picture as well as serve as keywords to search engines.

This brings us to our next topic, Keyword Density.…  Keyword Density measures how often your keyword is used on the page.…  Rule of thumb is that you never want your KW Density over 10% and I think that may be pushing it.

Opening up my FreeSEOReport we scan down to the section labeled “Body text” we can see what it says.

SEO Keyword Density

Well, other than number 5 and 6 of the search results, all have a higher keyword density than I do.…  Looking at the suggestions on page…

- Make sure that the keyword you are targeting with this page really is in your body text
- Avoid keyword stuffing in body text. Remember – each page should be targeted to different keywords.
- Put main keywords closer to the top of the document
- Don’t hide text through color by blending text color with background color
- Avoid too high keyword density (>10%) as it may lead to penalty (use synonyms, related words and LSI words this will help you find them)
- Using the table above to compare your site to your competition (pay attention to keyword density)

So we can see that we might want to consider adding a blurb that uses “Geiger” in it a couple more times to raise our keyword density at least up to 2-4%.…  Doing so might really help out our ranking.

We will be adding a little something to our WordPress template so that Google knows for sure that we are about “Geiger”.…  Before we do, we need to make sure we can measure if we are getting improvements.…  To do so we need to track our keywords and if they fluctuate up and down.…  Luckily FreeSEOReport does that for us if we get a paid subscription.…  Better yet, the first month only costs $1.00 for now.

Luckily we did this before making changes…

We fell from 9th place to 11th place.…  This happens often for some websites.…  It is good to know that now because we wouldn’t want to second guess ourselves after we add “Geiger” to the main page of our website a couple of times.

- Update on our Keyword Additions
- Building some backlinks


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