How to Rank for Keywords Part 4

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The Basics of on Page Optimization

There are 2 ways to rank better for your site.
1. Change your site (add content/change format)
2. Get Links

Your site is 5% of the work.…  Links are 95% of the work.…  However, bad site content/format might make the links less effective.

Going through the FreeSEOReport let’s look at the part we can change immediately.…  Title and Validation are the easiest things to change.

In the FreeSEOReport search for Document Title.
SEO Title

Title is VERY important in SEO.…  Each page needs a different title.…  Without different titles the Google and the other search engines initially think each page is the same.…  Imagine a world where all of your friends have the same name, how would anybody know who you are talking about?!…  So each page must have a title unique from the rest.

For my Geiger website I have Geiger in every title.…  The part 3 post had the title “How to Rank for Keywords Part 3 — Geiger”. Maybe it would be better to have Geiger first, but if my main purpose is to rank for the keyword “Geiger” somewhere in every title.…  This blog uses WordPress so that is very easy to do in the admin panel.…  If you use another software or build your own website, you will want to be sure that each page is unique and contains keywords what that page is about.

To a lesser extent you will also want a unique meta description for each page.…  Keyword tags are even less important and usually ignored by search engines because they are so spammy.

Next if you go to the “HTML Code and page load time” in your FreeSEOReport you will see something like the following.…  We underlined our site.
seo validate

From this page you can view the general size of your main page, click “Check” to check the validation of the page or click “view” to view the load time.

You want a page to be mostly valid.…  Being valid means that you don’t have any broken tags and the HTML is all 100% acceptable.…  This can be a harder thing to fix than one would think.…  My personal rule of thumb is to try your best as I don’t think search engines penalize too much for a few missing closing HTML tags.

The load time may also be very important.…  Maybe you images are huge or you have a lot of off site content that takes a long time to load.…  Clicking on view will point that out.…  Remember, if it is legal to host the content on your site it is much better SEO to do so.…  Linking/embedding images is like a “Vote” for that image, so why not vote for yourself instead of a strangers website.

Your Tasks:
1. Make Sure your pages have unique titles
2. Check to make sure your pages are (mostly) validated.

Coming up Next in Step 5:
- Alt Tags
- Keyword Density

Step 6 and beyond — Link Building and tracking

If you are following along and haven’t gotten your free report yet, do so now

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