Export Graffiti to BlogML

Graffiti CMS was once a great up and coming blog software running on ASP.net.…  Unfortunately, the company that was programming this free software gave up on it for a good reason, they focused their resources on software that actually made money.…  Graffiti then went open source and can still be downloaded here. Download Graffiti Link

WordPress exists as another free option but is written in PHP.…  A lot of people out there want something in .Net (don’t worry PHPers, I’m not trying to talk you out of loving L.A.M.P.)

Thant’s when I found BlogEngine.net.…  The only problem was how do I export my posts from Graffiti to BlogEngine.…  BlogEngine uses BlogML as their import/export format, Graffiti does not.

I ran off to Google and found only complex ways of getting my blog exported to BlogML.…  Who wants…  to copy DLLs all over the place, use wrongly coded stuff, etc…

Since I needed those posts for my own reasons I decided to pass on my code to you too.

Simply extract from THIS ZIP FILE (Export.aspx and Export.aspx.cs)…  into your Graffiti install then browse to www.yourblog.com/export.aspx and you will get the BlogML.…  Save it to a file and you can import it right into your BlogEngine blog.

Good luck!

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