How to Rank for Keywords Part 2

Rank for Keywords Part 1

By now you should have received a confirmation email from FreeSEOReport that looked something like this.

SEO Email


Click on the confirmation and you will be prompted with a password screen.

SEO Password


Enter your new password and click “Proceed”, you will then get a message saying that you can login.


After confirmation I got the following message while the report was being generated.


The above message mentions “Conversion Doubler”, if you look back at PART 1 it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to CONVERT your visitors.…  This is the #1 reason why people fail online.…  50% of the work is getting people to your site that want to buy/test/demo/sign-up.…  The other 50% of your time is spent trying to find out what converts.…  Changing the background or a sign-up button can double the amount sales you receive.…  That’s why when you get the above email, make sure you look at the special Conversion Doubler link in the email.…  This will give you 1 month free.…  We can’t give you the same deal here so make sure you use the link in the email.

Sorry for the tangent, I just feel that the best nation in the world it the kind of place where everybody knows how to succeed.

After a few more moments you should get another email with something like this.

SEO Keyword Report


At this point you have done everything you need to start reviewing where you stand.…  That is A LOT of work.…  Some other sites out there promise a PR or SERPS checker.…  All of the ones that I have ever tried were broke or simply put just wrong.…  FreeSEOReport was started by Jeremy Schoemaker who has a lot of success with websites.…  So he had his team package up the tools he uses and built FreeSEOReport (think FreeCreditReport but without the SPAM or krappy theme music)


If you haven’t signed up for your report yet, here’s the link again.

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