How to Rank for Keywords Part 1

There are 2 VERY VERY VERY important things you have to do when you want to rank for a keyword.

1. Rank for the Keyword
2. Convert that visitor

Usually #2 “Convert that visitor” means “Get Money out of the Visitor”.…  For example, if I had a site that reviewed keyboards, I might want to sell keyboards or get a commission from sending the person to a site that sells keyboards.

In my case, I want this site to rank for my last name.…  Sounds kind of lame?…  Perhaps.…  Vain?…  Absolutely.…  I want to be the worlds number 1 GEIGER.…  There’s a couple other Geigers out there more famous (HR the artist, Teddy Geiger the singer/actor) and there’s even a company named Geiger at

So my conversion will simply be to get a visitor to this site.…  Normally you would want to guide that person into a sale or something, but for us just having him or her visit will be enough.

Follow these lessons for each of your sites and you will rank better guaranteed and also you will be 100% legal and loved by the search engines.


The first step most people do is rush off to and type in their keyword.…  Google’s awesome but this is the wrong way to check.…  The reason is that Google tracks a lot of the sites that you frequently visit.…  The results are custom for YOU.…  What you need is to find out where the average person sees your site.

It’s a Cluster of Nonsense, Spam, Phishing, Hacking and tools that just don’t work.…  That’s why I will use FreeSEOReport. Click this link to open a new window and step through the process with me.

SEO Keywords

Go to FreeSEOReport, type your website name and click “Next Step”.

SEO Keywords

Next, enter your keyword and and click “Next Step” again.

SEO Email

Then just enter your email address and click “Get my FREE report”.…  This email address will also be used to log you into the reporting interface so make sure it’s a real email address.…  I prefer to use GMail because of the awesome SPAM blocking ability.


Double Check everything, check the “I accept the terms:” box then click “Get my Free report!” 1 last time.

Then…. you wait.…  Depending on how many people are using the system at the moment, the amount of time it takes to generate the first email varies.


Your report doesn’t start getting made until you confirm your email address.
Be sure to check your spam filter if you don’t get this email in 5-10 minutes.

We will post part 2 on how to rank for keywords after we get our confirmation email.



Check your Search Engine Results HERE.

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