iTunes Rejection

I logged into my LinkShare account in order to try to promote iTunes apps and such.

I like that they gave me a quick answer but the answer is pretty lame.

Dear Jason Geiger:
We regret to inform you that your application for the iTunes & App Store Affiliate Program has been temporarily rejected at this time for one or more of the reasons below.
Three common reasons for temporary rejection are:
1. Your site name contains Apple trademarks.
Site names and domains with terms including iTunes, iPhone, Apple, etc. are not accepted into the Affiliate Program. You are welcome to change your site title and domain name and reapply to the program.
2. The URL on your application is incorrect or your site is temporarily down.
Pages that do not load cannot be approved. The URL in the application must be for your website, not for a page on Facebook, YouTube, or iTunes (but you can still put affiliate links on these sites). If you are an app developer, please provide the link to your website or support page. If you are in the process of building your site, you can still apply for the program but need at least a descriptive splash page for your site.
3. You are applying for the U.S. program but reside outside the country.
This LinkShare program for which you are applying only commissions on sales made in the U.S. iTunes and App Store. Though we permit international affiliates to participate in the program, you need to be manually approved. Please send an email to itunesaffiliates@apple.comwith a brief explanation of who you are, why you wish to apply for the U.S. program specifically, and either your LinkShare Site ID number (found in the upper-right corner of the dashboard) or your LinkShare login name. Also, note that there are many other iTunes & App Store Affiliate Programs worldwide that you are welcome to apply for and that may be a better fit. The affiliate programs for Europe are administered by TradeDoubler, the Australia and New Zealand programs are administered by DGM Pro, and the program for Japan is administered by LinkShare Japan.
Your application can also be temporarily rejected because:
– The content is unrelated to iTunes or the App Store.
– Your site promotes tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or excessive drinking/drug use.
– Your site contains sexually explicit materials.
– Your site contains hate/violent/offensive content.
– Your site promotes illegal activities or otherwise violates applicable laws.
– Your site violates intellectual property rights, possibly including scraping text or images from Apple’s websites or the iTunes or App Store.
– Your site contains extreme religious content.
– Your site has been considered offensive or inappropriate at our discretion.
If any of the above problematic criteria can be resolved, we look forward to your reapplication.
More information about the iTunes & App Store Affiliate Program can be found at the Affiliate Resource site ( including the Affiliate Terms and Conditions ( that govern this program.
If you encounter any problems or have questions or concerns, please contact LinkShare by phone at 888-880-8430 or by email using this form:
To appeal your application’s denial, you can email with your LinkShare Site ID or login name.
Thank you for your interest in the iTunes & App Store Affiliate Program.
Best Regards,
iTunes & App Store Affiliate Program Team

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