MySpace has Gone to Hell

This way to hellIt has been a while since I last signed onto MySpace.  Boy has it really gone to hell!

Back in the day MySpace was KING and Facebook just a little peon.

Now, MySpace has nearly completely folded and even integrated Facebook’s logon page.  I guess that’s why the move “Social Network” was about Mark Zuckerberg and not that “Tom” guy.  What ever happened to that Tom guy any way?

MySpace really should have modeled itself after Facebook instead of allowing all these hackable and craptastic themes and “Auto-Play” music that crashed even the sturdiest internet browser.  It is like MySpace gave up a long time ago and is hoping that it can somehow find a happy social home somewhere between OkCupid and Adult Friend Finder.

Even worse than that.  Just signing into MySpace did not go unnoticed.  Logging in to look up a past friend immediately sent my inbox ablaze by spam bots that constantly search for “Active” users and send you automated emails pretending to be a hot chick waiting to meet me!

Do yourself a favor and boycott MySpace.  That is of course you are the type of person that likes to make your profile picture a photo of you posing topless in the mirror.  For that, MySpace is the only place you should feel at home.

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