Is HP Going to Buy PostgreSQL


Oracle bought Sun and turned is turning a profit from it.  Also it gets to control Java development as well.  Oracle also owns MySQL.

Oracle is trying to be the next IBM.  They want to do this so that customers are a lot less likely to leave Oracle.  If you run Oracle Software on an Oracle Database on Oracle Hardware with a ton of Oracle AddOns, you are VERY UNLIKELY to switch.

Is HP going to sit around and let Oracle and IBM take all the end-to-end business?  NO WAY!?

While recently it might seem that HP is focusing more on Tablets and WebOS they have a bigger vision of “The Cloud”.

Does PostgreSQL fit into this?  It definitely could! 

The open source community HATES the idea of EVIL ORACLE led by the evil looking Larry Ellison being in charge of the most widely used free database software MySQL.  They would much rather have a much less-evil looking company like HP safeguard things.

So, will HP go into their deep pockets and pull out an Elephant?  I’d put my money where my mouth is.  Too bad Vegas doesn’t give odds on such things.

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