MySpace has Gone to Hell

This way to hellIt has been a while since I last signed onto MySpace.  Boy has it really gone to hell!

Back in the day MySpace was KING and Facebook just a little peon.

Now, MySpace has nearly completely folded and even integrated Facebook’s logon page.  I guess that’s why the move “Social Network” was about Mark Zuckerberg and not that “Tom” guy.  What ever happened to that Tom guy any way?

MySpace really should have modeled itself after Facebook instead of allowing all these hackable and craptastic themes and “Auto-Play” music that crashed even the sturdiest internet browser.  It is like MySpace gave up a long time ago and is hoping that it can somehow find a happy social home somewhere between OkCupid and Adult Friend Finder.

Even worse than that.  Just signing into MySpace did not go unnoticed.  Logging in to look up a past friend immediately sent my inbox ablaze by spam bots that constantly search for “Active” users and send you automated emails pretending to be a hot chick waiting to meet me!

Do yourself a favor and boycott MySpace.  That is of course you are the type of person that likes to make your profile picture a photo of you posing topless in the mirror.  For that, MySpace is the only place you should feel at home.

Sell Your Own MP3s

If you are a band, DJ, Remixer, comedian etc… you should be selling your own MP3s.  iTunes, Android’s new music store and Amazon MP3 Store are all great and fantastic and you NEED TO USE THEM!

However, your website, Facebook page or even MySpace page (does anybody use MySpace any more?) needs to sell MP3s directly!

Don’t stop using iTunes and the other sites, but you are preventing yourself from selling straight to your listener and keeping 100% of the profit.

That’s why you should use E-JUNKIE to sell MP3s.  It cost something like $5 a month and they handle all the payments and such.  You just upload your MP3 and they give you a link.  You then you paste that link onto your website or Facebook and E-Junkie does everything for you.  You don’t have to worry about credit cards, payments or sending your MP3.  You could even upload a zip file of all your MP3s and sell an entire album or anthology.

This is super cool for “Self Help” programs, indie musicians, comedians and for people selling their own books on tape.  It’s also great if you want to sell photos or home movies.

Some people that don’t have a website are even selling their stuff right on Craigslist

I use it and love it!  If you sell your voice or words,

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery

WordPress “Unable to create directory”

I am not sure if this is an IIS 7.5, Security/Permissions, PHP, Windows 2008 R2 or WordPress Issue.  However recently after moving from IIS6 one Windows 2003 to a new Windows 2008 R2 server I could not upload images to WordPress.

I usually use Windows Live Writer and I was getting  an error like “…has failed to upload due to an error” and “Unable to create directory”.

When I went to the admin interface and tried to upload a file through the Media I would get an error about the directory “Unable to create directory … Is its parent directory writable by the server?”.

I checked and rechecked the permissions.  I also made sure the entire directory was NOT read-only.

By happenstance I decided to give the group Everyone FULL ACCESS to the directory.  Then I could finally upload the files.

I then removed this access and I still could upload files.  It is really bad security to leave EVERYONE with FULL or even read/write access.

I’m not sure if these permissions will stick after a server restart but hopefully all is well now.


Is HP Going to Buy PostgreSQL


Oracle bought Sun and turned is turning a profit from it.  Also it gets to control Java development as well.  Oracle also owns MySQL.

Oracle is trying to be the next IBM.  They want to do this so that customers are a lot less likely to leave Oracle.  If you run Oracle Software on an Oracle Database on Oracle Hardware with a ton of Oracle AddOns, you are VERY UNLIKELY to switch.

Is HP going to sit around and let Oracle and IBM take all the end-to-end business?  NO WAY!?

While recently it might seem that HP is focusing more on Tablets and WebOS they have a bigger vision of “The Cloud”.

Does PostgreSQL fit into this?  It definitely could! 

The open source community HATES the idea of EVIL ORACLE led by the evil looking Larry Ellison being in charge of the most widely used free database software MySQL.  They would much rather have a much less-evil looking company like HP safeguard things.

So, will HP go into their deep pockets and pull out an Elephant?  I’d put my money where my mouth is.  Too bad Vegas doesn’t give odds on such things.