Hydra Network Let’s Me Down

Is Hydra having growing pains?  As of late, I’ve been pretty dismayed to run any of their campaigns because it’s such a pain to do so.

Every time I see an offer that may appeal to me, I am greeted with

Approval Required to Run this Campaign
Please contact your affiliate manager to run this campaign. Once approved, you will see creatives in this area of the page.

Ok, that’s a big inconvenience, but I’ll need to see the landing page before I know if I want to apply for access.



1. Most campaigns are locked down.
2. There’s no “Apply for this Campaign” button.
3. You don’t know if you want to apply because you can’t see the landing page.

Before Hydra’s “2.0 Update” I really enjoyed them.  They used to be my go to affiliate marketing place every time I had a marketing idea.  Now, I’m off to Market Leverage, PeerFly and Amped Media.

My Simon Says App


Look to the right!  You’ll notice that I have a Hot “Palm” app.

I created an app for the Palm Pre called “As I Say”.  I was going to sell it, but thought I would stand a better chance at very minor money if I entered it into Palm’s Hot App contest.

As of writing this post, I am the 240th most popular free app in Palm’s App Catalog.  I need to get to 221.

I am a constantly  a mere 1,000 downloads away.  Right now I have 16,379 downloads but need 17,386 to get into the money.  So if you have a Palm Pre or Palm Pixi, click on the link to the right to download the app FOR FREE.