Apple is the Most Closed Minded Company

I have a great idea for a phone app.  Since I’m a Palm WebOS guy I sent a message out of to the good people at Palm.

While I wait, I decided to look at Apple’s SDK.  First you have to register.  “No problem” I thought.  Then I saw this.

Dumb Apple

Click to enlarge the image.  Basically, to make iPhone apps you need a Mac.  WTF?  That doesn’t sound like “Cloud Computing” to me.  This has got to be one of the most closed minded decisions ever.

No I know some fanboys are going to say that “IT’S TOO MUCH RESOURCES TO MAKE MULTIPLE DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENTS”.  Good point FanBoys!!!!

However, Palm which is much smaller (at the moment) than Apple’s iPhone division offers us this…

Palm Webos SDK Environments

Click to enlarge (or feel free to squint).  The webOS development kit runs on Mac.  It also runs on Windows and EVEN Linux.

Also, even thought the Palm phones are still starting out (and now available on Sprint, Verizon and soon to be AT&T) I am nixing my iPhone App ideas because of Apple’s closed mindedness.

Apple wants us to “Think Different”?  
We’d rather “Think Freely”.



EDIT: btw, you don’t even need a phone to develop for the webOS (Palm Pre and Palm Pixi)
If you care, check it out at