BAC Calculator – In the Palm App Catalog

We made it!  The BAC Calculator for Palm WebOS (Palm Pre and Palm Pixi) is now live and available to you for only $.99!

We are not sure what we are under non-disclosure to say because the Developer Program is still in Beta.  Also because it is just in Beta, it is not yet fully cooked yet.

However, our experience is VERY positive.  Especially since this is Beta!

We have never developed apps for other phones and we are not sure we ever will.  However I doubt that it is as easy to talk to somebody as it is with Palm.  Also the review process is CONCISE!  The BAC Calculator, meant for fun only, got rejected once.  With the rejection I was supplied a bullet point list of reasons.  ALL that I agreed with! (and was a little shocked that I forgot them in the first place)

Kudos to the Palm Development team so far!  Keep it up!!!

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