Cell Phone Finder Application

My 3rd Palm Pre app is a cult success!  I say “Cult” because it is not in the app store yet.

However in less than 4 days, the app is in use by nearly 1,000 “ACTIVE” people with almost 3,000 people trying it out.

The application is a cell phone finder playfully named Cell Stalker.

The ALPHA (This isn’t even in BETA yet) trial version can be downloaded here.

The app works by updating your GPS location every 10 minutes.  Most of the time, the result is PRETTY darn accurate.

How much this app will cost will remain to seen, if I got creative with the monetization, I would even think about giving this away for free.  Obviously, I need to make money somehow.  I would prefer to sell it cheap and have a very reasonable monthly maintenance fee.

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3 thoughts on “Cell Phone Finder Application”

  1. I have the pre and my wife has the pixi. I can go to cellstalker.com on my pre and view my wife’s pixi just fine, but when she tries to view cellstalker.com with her pixi, she doen’t get my current location. Any ideas?

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