The Future of SPAM

Old SpamBefore the internet, their was junk mail.  This was a blatant waste of trees but only the environment had hurt feelings.

Then came the digital revolution and with email came offers for little blue pills and various “reducers” and “enlargers”.  This is still a problem but is mostly solved if you have a good SPAM filter.

Next came SPAM sites.  They are the web version of infomercials.  ACT NOW, LIMITED QUANTITIES.  Almost always they have one price slashed and another right next to it.  $199.89 $89  These search engines brought these people easily targeted traffic at nearly no cost.

Next, after smarter search engines, came Review Sites.  SPAM was evolving.  Like in so many horror movies, the beast was getting smarter.  People’s SPAM-eye needed to evolve too.  SPAM moved away from the organic search engine results into paid ads.  It was more expensive, but guaranteed spam viewers.

Following that, HYBRID-SPAM sprouted in the form of FLOGs.  A FLOG is a fake blog.  The fake blog is usually devoted to a niche where there will always be products.  RINGTONES, MAKE MONEY ONLINE, WEIGHT LOSS, etc..  These used a mix of organic, paid ads and social sites (Facebook, MySpace).  They tried to look as legitimate as possible.  They were filled with fake comments from completely happy people.

The Googles of the world are fast working to minimize FLOGs.  There may even be laws coming out to make them illegal.

Now what is SPAM to do?  Will SPAM die a spicy death?

Think not. SPAM has evolved once again!  SPAM has now infected popular REAL blogs.

If you publicly sell paid ads, Google will block your site.  If you do it privately though, they don’t care.

So SPAM get’s you addicted to certain blogs by going against its nature.  It does this by actually being worthwhile.  Insightful, funny, witty and interesting.  This is SPAM’s new candy coated outer shell.  Inside? SPAM.  Good blogs are realizing there is way too much money out there to sit on your good blog.

It starts out just a little bit.  1 privately paid post perhaps.  Something that wasn’t advertised but a deal made in the dark.  Then maybe a second.  A favorable review of a product the author will never actually use.  Then BAM.  All of a sudden, at best, you have half&half of real blog and SPAM.  Not quite a SPLOG or FLOG, but definitely not a goody hippie co-op of great articles either.

SPAM is growing and evolving.  Where to next?

Palm Pre – BAC Calculator

I just got done with my first app for the Palm Pre.  It’s a simple BAC (Blood Alcohol Calculator)

You select you sex, type of drink, weight and number of hours drinking and it estimates your BAC.  Obviously, this is just for fun as you shouldn’t trust a free piece of software to judge if you should be driving.


DOWNLOAD THE Palm Pre BAC Calculator

If you need instructions on how to install this test software, check out this Palm Pre Homebrew Install link.

UPDATE: The app has been updated.  Here’s the new screenshot.

Palm Pre BAC