Palm Pre – Low Battery Life

I just got the new Palm Pre.  Overall I love it!  Any little problem that I’ve found with it I really feel that they will be able to resolve with an update down the road.

The main issue however is battery life.  If your Pre is running out of battery life, here are the top things you can do to keep your battery charged longer.


Top 5 Ways to Increase Pre Battery Life

  1. Close those Apps! — The apps launch fast so if you’re not using the apps, close them.
  2. Turn off BlueTooth — Turn it off if you’re not using it.
  3. Turn ON WiFi — Palm applauds their WiFi’s power usage.  If you’re synching email and such, turn WiFi on if possible.
  4. Change your email sync options to a bigger interval.
  5. Set your background to Black. — Black uses less power than any other color.  Also you can turn down your brightness.  A lower brightness uses less power.



Here is a black image that you can set your background to.

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