Finally Win an iPod

Finally Win

I finally won a new iPod!  I got a 16gb iPod Touch coming my way courtesy of Publisher Challenge and PeerFly.


How did I make $1,150.80 in one month?  Well, the first real life lesson you learn in affiliate marketing is NOT to give your idea/website/landing page/keywords away.  However I think the offer I was promoting is reaching it’s end.

If that Happens then…

Yes, I’ll give away my keyword list, landing page, ads, EVERYTHING.  I’ll post them right here and I’ll ESPECIALLY show you where I got the idea from.  While not a license to print money, it shows you the types of insight that you need to win in the world of affiliate marketing.  The winning of the iPod, well that’s just cake!

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  1. Congrats Jay! Those iPod Touch’s are really cool – basically like an iPhone without the phone. And the 16GB model is more than enough space, lol. That’s like 16 high-quality full-length movies you can have on there.

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