3 Stocks I Bought

Palm PreA few months ago I bought 3 stocks.  C, AIG and Palm.

The first 2 I bought simply because I think they’ll have big profits by the end of the year.  I should have bought C (Citigroup) back when it was a $1.  However, it’s still a steal.

More excitingly I bought PALM.  This is pure semi-long speculation.  This is all based on the new phone the Pre (and perhaps a smaller cheaper phone to be released soon as well).

If the Palm Pre does well, the company should sky rocket (and perhaps take Sprint (S) up with it).  Palm needs to prevent the same mistakes that the Blackberry Storm had.  Blackberry even admits they screwed up on the initial release.

There is speculation that Palm may “Short” the supply of Pre’s to keep “Buzz” up.  Similar to what Nintendo did with the Wii.  If that happens the stock price may drop.  If the phone is deemed worthy, but in short supply, there could be a sell off of the stock.  If most of the reviews are favorable then I highly recommend buying.  A favorable review would just mean that it’s better than Google Android and the Blackberry Storm.  It doesn’t need to be better than the iPhone.

Furthermore, if it is comparable to the iPhone, Sprint might be the best possible network for it to get off to a huge start.  I know, most people think Sprint sucks.  However, their unlimited voice and data plans are right around $80.  Compare that to the $120+/month for AT&T’s data/voice plan.

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