How to make $33,000 in 4 Days

I’ve been playing around with the Publisher Challenge contest at

Well, this guy, Tim Schoeder, came on the scene for just 4 days and racked up over $33,000!  Quite impressive.

Affiliate Challenge

Now, “Allegedly” I have the scoop of how he made that much money.  Also, how did it only last for 4 days?

Supposedly, this all has to do with Nursing Homes and Jitterbugs.

For those of you that don’t know, the Jitterbug is the “Old Person Friendly” cell phone seen here…

image Well, I guess his suspected business model works like this.

Todd, goes to an unsuspecting nursing home.  Everybody knows that nursing homes are filled with 3 things.  Old people, Jello and Jitterbugs.

Disguised as a volunteer (I must use the word ALLEDGEDLY) Todd enters nursing homes.  Todd then goes around offering to program their Jitterbug for them.  In actuality, Todd is signing each and every old person up for every ringtone and cell phone offer on

Todd then nets a large $60+ from each Jitterbug he gets his hands on.

Shame on you Todd!

Click Here to give Todd a Piece of your mind!

You Find it You Keep it

Do you like the new Microsoft ads?  I do!  They don’t have quite the bang as the Mac vs PC ads (that we haven’t seen new in a little bit) but they may have found their niche.

You Mac fanboys out there might say, “You get what you pay for”.  This is true.

To me Walmart = PCs and Target = Macs

You are paying more for a prettier thing.

However I just opened a new You Find it You Keep it website.  It’s

Right now it’s just a blog, but this could easily be filled with Mac vs PC, laptop, iPod, iPhone, cheap PC affiliate offers.  While there isn’t much content right now, I will be adding more as we go along.