Microsoft: Giving MS Office Away to Unemployed

Microsoft OfficeIf you haven’t seen Microsoft deal a blow below the belt to Apple, check out this commercial. ($1000 Laptop Ad)

The rumor mill is abuzz with a HUGE PR hit from Microsoft.  Microsoft is getting ready to set to give away Office 2007 Home Edition to the recently unemployed.  The reasoning behind this is mainly resumes.  When you’re unemployed, especially unexpectedly, you make a mad dash to get your resume perfected.  You can use Google documents, or Star office but if you want the job done right (sorry Mac fanboys) you have to use Microsoft Office, namely Microsoft Word.

Microsoft is poised to help stimulate re-employment by giving those affected by the economic downturn the tools they need to rebuild their careers.

Is this a smart move?  We think so.  The unemployed aren’t going to be buying Office, or much of anything, until they get a new job.  So what does this cost Microsoft?  If it is available only via download, the cost is less than $1 per person.  The PR boost however might be worth BILLION$.

Rumor sources say Microsoft’s only hold-up is figuring out how to obtain proof of unemployment.  Maybe a faxed unemployment letter may be needed.  Ideally though Microsoft will integrate with the unemployment agency.  Those receiving unemployment could actually open their unemployment check to find an Office Flyer with a download and activation code.

More exotic rumors have the Office download packaged with Internet Explorer 8.  Of course this just might reset a user’s homepage to MSN.

When is this available?  Nobody knows for sure.  Let’s just hope it’s not April 1st.

One thought on “Microsoft: Giving MS Office Away to Unemployed”

  1. Hai Microsoft,

    I happy say good day. And I completed B.Tech INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.

    Then I don’t know very good English and programs like java ,c++

    I am not employed and I work at home only like FARMING AND MILK SELLING . But stayed at internet . I have one computer I using sometimes when free.

    I read one news at Microsoft .u giving a chance to work at Microsoft for unemployed. Please forward some tips for that work and I will follow. If u read my passage ,please reply…TATA BYE nice day


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