Palm Pre Release Date

The New York Times has stated the new Palm Pre will be release on July 1st. (Article)

However, “Commerical Times” has said that the new Palm phones will now be delayed until the end of 2009. (Article)

So which is it?  Here are come conspiracy theories that may be partially true.

1. The Palm will be release early to mid June.  Why?  The iPhone is set for a July open Verizon release (rumor).  Palm wants to be out before the iPhone makes it to new networks.

2. Apple’s been playing dirty, some part suppliers aren’t giving Palm the same delivery dates/efforts as they are giving Apple.  Apple is trying to “legally” delay Palm through non-standard ways.

3. Palm is ready to release but may be doing so the same way the Blackberry Storm did.  There will be a ton of problems out of the gate.  90% of them will be fixed by mandatory updates within the year.

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