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Step 1: Select Keywords

I showed you an odd way of selecting keywords.  Most people use negative keywords but they “usually” go after more variety.

Now I want to show you my Trivia Quiz landing page.

All that I did was add a simple IFRAME to the offer (Not all offers can be IFramed) and added some text to the bottom of the screen.  I also added a link to my blog, about us and contact us.  Most SEO types will insist on a privacy policy as well.  I just got lazy. :p

Note I also set a Title, Description and Keywords (all simple must haves).

Now  I don’t expect this page to do well.  It’s way too vanilla and slightly unprofessional.  However we’ll never know unless we send some traffic its way.

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Step 2: Create Ad Campaign

3 thoughts on “Trivia Quiz Landing Page”

  1. before you start sending traffic to your landing page , make sure you fix your Iframe, once you hit the Next button, you get a Summary of Terms which dosent allow you to continue.

  2. I could see your landing page , and the Quiz , but once you click NEXT to start the quiz I keep getting the “summary of Terms” with no option to continue the quiz.

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