What to do with Phone Booths

Superman Phone Booth

When was the last time you used a phone booth or any payphone at all?  If you’re in your teens then probably never.

They’re still around however, broken and unused.

In my area of the world, Verizon is king for landlines and they own all the phones.  What to do with these?

Well, I suggest you turn them all into mini cell towers.


You don’t necessarily need to put them where Verizon Wireless has bad coverage.  You can simply embed them in the phone booths where your competition has bad coverage.  Why?  Phone companies loose money when you roam.  They end up paying the other phone companies money.  If you have a solid net of wireless mini-towers, you’ll dominate for sure.  This is also a great way to blanket a city that has little or no room for new towers.

I would not be surprised to see certain witty entrepreneurs try to get some roaming dollars this way.

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